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  Collection EPSC/DPS

Presentation given in splinter session: Getting Ready for LSST: 5+million small bodies, 1+billion observations

Collection-8452 rgill 09/20/19 5
  Collection Kitt Peak Docent presentations

Public presentation

Collection-7456 rgill 03/06/19 2
  Document Alerts in LSST Operations Year 1 (LOY1) Document-35152 eacosta 11/26/19 6 MB
  Document Commissioning and Pre-Operations Data Policy and Serving Document-32587 eacosta 04/12/19 9 MB
  Document LSST Education and Public Outreach

PST Talk

Document-34275 eacosta 07/15/19 90 MB
  Document Currently locked by: rblum LSST Science Platform — Final Design Review Document-32376 eacosta 04/15/19 11 MB
  Document Rubin Project Schedule Document-33022 rgill 04/09/21 6 MB
  Document Survey Strategy White Papers.pdf

PST Talk - Survey Strategy White Papers

Document-32193 eacosta 02/06/19 3 MB
  Document The Big Picture: Science and Public Outreach with Astronomical Surveys

Public talk given at Wednesday Nite @ the Lab 17 April 2019

Document-32612 kbechtol 04/19/19 173 MB
  URL Learn How a Large Telescope and Time-Stamped Data is Helping Us to Understand the Universe Better URL-2355 mckercher 09/16/20 0
  Presentation 20190501 Project Status PST SAC.pptx

Brief Project Status for PST / SC Chairs

presentation-972 victor 05/01/19 16 MB
  Presentation AAS233 (2018) Town Hall

AAS Town Hall

presentation-931 rgill 01/09/19 45 MB
  Presentation Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: the construction of a discovery machine presentation-1168 mckercher 09/04/19 11 MB
  Presentation Learn How a Large Telescope and Time-Stamped Data is Helping Us to Understand the Universe Better presentation-1211 mckercher 12/03/19 10 MB
  Presentation LSST Data Rights and Funding Model

New NSF/DOE rights and funding model

presentation-981 rgill 05/20/19 2 MB
  Presentation LSST Public Talk - Orange Grove Middle School - Angelo.pdf

Presentation by Angelo Fausti 4/5/19 for 6th graders

presentation-962 suzanne 04/09/19 14 MB
  Presentation LSST: A New Sentinel for the Universe

West Virginia University physics and astronomy department colloquium

presentation-971 mckercher 05/01/19 99 MB
  Presentation Mining the Sky, Discovering the Unexpected

Public Lecture at the California Academy of Sciences by T. Tyson

presentation-991 suzanne 07/02/19 324 MB