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  Collection AAS237 Open House

Open house presentation and materials

Collection-10272 rgill 01/12/21 2
  Presentation Data Products, Abridged presentation-1642 eacosta 11/09/21 2 MB
  Presentation LSST: the greatest movie of all time!

UW Colloquium Talk 17 December 2020

presentation-1491 suzanne 01/20/21 180 MB
  Presentation Roodman Rubin Public Talk 2021.pdf presentation-1471 roodman 01/08/21 182 MB
  Presentation Rubin Obs 2021 AURA Awards Presentation.pdf presentation-1627 eacosta 08/25/21 18 MB
  Presentation Rubin Observatory EPO and Creating for your Audience presentation-1521 suzanne 05/04/21 13 MB
  Presentation SCOC_PSTSCchairs_Oct2021

2021-27-10, Zeljko Ivezic and SCOC "Phase 1 Draft Recommendation & Preview of the 2nd SCOC Workshop"

presentation-1641 eacosta 11/01/21 8 MB
  Presentation System Integration, Testing and Commissioning Status.pdf presentation-1531 eacosta 05/27/21 5 MB
  Presentation The Universe in Action: Education and Public Outreach presentation-1561 eacosta 07/07/21 8 MB
  URL Vera C. Rubin Observatory: A Big Data Machine for the 21st Century

Meredith Rawls' presentation at IAA-CSIC Colloquium

URL-3004 suzanne 02/01/21 0