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SPIE 9906-25 M1M3 Mirror Cell Assembly(2016) Submital Final.pdf
Final Design of the LSST Primary / Tertiary Mirror Cell Assembly
Neill, Doug (User-161, dneill:LSST)DS
SPIE Paper 9906-25 June 2016 Edinburgh / Publication Board record PUB-25
Doug Neill
publication, spie, 2016, manuscript, m1m3, celll, assembly, design

This document is the manuscript submitted for 2016 SPIE paper on the M1M3 mirror cell assembly, 9906-25

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 07:25:20 AM MST
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 09:10:51 AM MST
McKercher, Robert (User-727, mckercher:LSST)CPX
SPIE 9906-25 M1M3 Mirror Cell Assembly (2016) Submittal.xps
SPIE 2016 - Manuscripts
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