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Old - Presentation Templates and Stock Slides
PowerPoint and Poster templates for presentations and meetings; includes standard information slides that can be inserted into speaker's presentations.
Krabbendam, Victor (User-22, victor:LSST)CPX
Thursday, October 20, 2005 11:36:35 AM MST
template, presentation, poster, PowerPoint, slide
Friday, December 18, 2020 10:21:18 AM MST
Gill, Ranpal (User-1444, rgill:LSST)DS
Templates and Style Guides
Generic PowerPoint Template - Optics Left Generic PowerPoint Template - Optics RightGeneric PowerPoint Template - PlainGeneric PowerPoint Template - Small Telescope Image / Purple BackgroundGeneric PowerPoint Template - Small Telescope Image / White Background Generic PowerPoint Template - TelescopeHistorical PowerPoint and Poster Templates from Previous EventsLSST poster template 5.17.07LSST poster template bottom 5.17.07.jpgPowerpoint Template - Teal backgroundSimple Keynote Template StandardSimple Keynote Template WidescreenSimple PPT Template StandardSimple PPT Template Widescreen Stock Information SlidesTech Theme Keynote (standard).zipTech Theme Keynote (widescreen)Tech Theme PPT (widescreen)Tech Theme PPT(standard).zipTelescope_Grid.pptx
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